AJ Koenes

Custom Made Computers, Web Design, and Enterprise Solutions

AJ Koenes, On-Site Computer Repair

    I service the Gallatin county in southwest Montana. I provide door to door computer service, repair, and consulting. With one of the largest online computer vendors, I offer a large selection of hardware, software, laptops, desktops, servers, expansion cards, parts, and printers.

    I install all the products I provide, and I also install upgrades. That includes hard drives, graphics cards, RAM, processors, and anything else you may need to get your computer running in top performance. Along with upgrading computers, I also build custom computers designed for the needs of you home or small business.

    Small business can benefit substantially from a server. A server will allow you to share important files with some, or all computers in your network. With a server you can also back up all you data to a single location, preventing the loss of important files, and decreasing your downtime. If you are looking to host your website, provide email to you and your coworkers, or just to backup your data from unrecoverable loss, a server will be able provide all this and more for years to come.

    For homes I offer networking and server solutions. Whether you need a server for backing up data, to host websites, streaming media to all your computers, or sharing pictures, music, and videos with your family or relatives. On top of being able to share your media and files across a network, a home theater PC will allow you to stream them to your TV. You can watch you favorite shows on hulu, download movies from netflix, and listen to your favorite station on Pandora.